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A Word from Sean...

I guess some would say that I produce railway documentaries, but if you look closely you will see that I am photographing people.

The people I am most interested in, are the people who work on railways. It is very difficult to make regular-everyday people comfortable while you are taking their picture, unless you are prepared to go on to their turf while they are doing the things that they do everyday. From the Superintendent to the assistant carmen, it is the people that make railways interesting to me.

Whenever I watch a film from an archive, I always wonder how the people who did those jobs looked and sounded. My goal is to record the men and women who work on today’s railways so that future generations will know what they were like. The railway is the theatre, the train is the stage but the people are the performers or in some cases the characters.

Sean Ropchan
Professional Videographer
Chandos Television Productions & TrainsOnTV.com